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We're excited to have you join our group training rides.  Riding with a group can be one of the very best ways to increase your speed and endurance or just have fun riding!  While riding in our group rides we ask that you please respect your fellow cyclists, as well as drivers and follow these guidelines:

1. Its Not a Race:  A group ride is NOT a race.  You are not to "attack" off the front or try to show everyone how strong you are.  That's what races are for! 

2. Hold Your Line: Every rider needs to hold a steady, consistent line.  Any changes to your course should be made slowly and gradually.  

3.  Peeling Off: When you're tired of riding at the front and you feel it is time for you to go to the back, make sure the riders around you know you are tired and want to go back. Once you have established that you are going back, check briefly that there isn't someone overlapping your back wheel, then slowly and gradually move to the outside and let the group come through. Do not suddenly veer off to the side.  Peel off in a steady and controlled manner.

4. Pulling Through: When the rider(s) ahead of you peel off, it's your job to come through to the front and pull the group along.  If you do not want to ride at the front because you are too tired or less fit than the rest of the group, it's too late to avoid it now.  Once you're in second wheel, you must come through to the front. Maintain a steady speed, squeeze through the gap and go to the front.  When the two riders ahead of you peel off, don't slow down and look around; maintain your speed and go straight through without hesitation.

5. Too Tired to Go to the Front: If you're more comfortable riding at the back of the group or you do not want to go to the front, sit at the back and let the riders coming back from the front of the group slot in ahead of you.  It isn't acceptable to work your way up to the front of the group and then slow down because you don't want to pull.

6. Gaps: There should be no gaps in a group ride.  As soon as you see a gap, fill it by riding into the space in a steady and controlled manner. There is no need to sprint into the space and then slam on the brakes.  

7. Moving About in a Gap:  If you need to go to the back of the group, or need to move away from the side of the road because the road is damaged or obstructed, just steadily move in whatever direction you want to go in.  The key to all group riding is to do things gradually and steadily.  

8. Obstacles and Hand Signals: All obstacles should be warned of by a simple hand signal.  When you see an obstacle in the road ahead of you, put your hand down and give a signal that lets the riders behind you know in which direction they should go to avoid it.  Traditionally a quick wave of the hand will suffice.  If you only see the obstacle at the last minute, ride through it!!! Better to get a flat than to take down the whole group.  Please only point out obstacles that are worth pointing out (one that will damage a bike or person behind you). 

9: Slowing and Adjusting Speed: If the rider in front of you slows down, do not slam on your brakes!  Be riding ever-so-slightly to the side of the rider in front of you, so when they slow down you either stop pedaling and start to slightly overlap your front wheel with their rear wheel, or you touch the brakes gradually and use the "wheel overlap" as a buffer zone to avoid stopping suddenly for the riders behind you.  

10. Triathlon & Time Trial Bikes: If you are joining our group rides and you are on a triathlon specific bike, please be aware that many group riders are uncomfortable around tri bikes because you do not have immediate access to your brakes.  If you are on a triathlon bike, please ride towards the back of the group or stay out of your aero bars.  If you choose to ride in your aero bars during a group ride, please keep a respectful distance between yourself and the rider in front of you. 


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